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Great Rider, Better Friend!

Everyone who races motorcycles really has a passion for competition, getting better, beating personal bests and of course chasing the thrill of victory. No one sums this up more than Eric Connell. Eric and I came into the sport of racing together and really bonded quickly. It is rare when you meet someone with a kind spirit and a giving soul but he was just one of those guys who you knew was special. Eric really had a gift and he was living it out on the track each race weekend. My favorite thing to see was his big smile when he came off the track after a good session. He had drive, focus and the motivation to be the best he could be but sadly Eric lost his life this weekend at Roebling Road Raceway. This loss is felt by the many who loved him. Eric, you are loved and missed more than you could ever know. Please join me in prayer for his wife, beautiful baby girl, his family, and his friends.

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