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Ivey Podiums 2 Times as Chris Bettis Shows Some Serious Speed In His 1st Expert Outing at Homestead

Team Velocity Racing ventured out to Homestead Miami Speedway for the final CCS Race of the season. Neither Chuck Ivey or Chris Bettis had any experience with Homestead so the learning curve was very steep. Homestead is a very unique track in that it combines the Nascar speedway with the infield to allow motorcycle road racing. The infield is very tight and is a stop and go type of track, however the banking on the Nascar track is very fast and wide and allows for a lot of high speed passes.

The plan was for Bettis to go out on the R6 for sessions 1 thru 3 and then the R1 for sessions 3 - 6. Practicing on both bikes was important because Bettis was set to compete in the 25 Min GTO race on the R6 and then 2 sprint races on the R1. After sessions 1 and 2 Bettis was not feeling it as the times were not reflecting what he was capable of. Bettis said " The R6 has not been right since we built it some 6 mos ago. We are taking it in to Brian Livengood to have the tune altered next week." Bettis had mentioned the bike was not handling properly and it turns out the bike had a blown O-Ring on the left fork which grounded the R6 for the weekend. With the R6 out Bettis had to compete on the R1 for all the races. Quickly learning the track on the R1 the times continued to drop in practice and he was able to get down to low 1:32's. Bettis needed to find some speed for Sunday's races so he threw on a new set of tires and brake pads for Sunday's races. Bettis went out in race 1 and really got it going early as his times dropped almost 2 secs as he touched 1:30.1 and was able to hang on to 4th place. Bettis snagged another top 5 finish in race 2 and a 6th place in race 3. Bettis said "All in all the weekend was great and a real learning experience for me. Racing my first weekend as expert and earning 2 top 5 finishes at a track I have never been to was great." Bettis also said he spent time doing some virtual training in his garage. He uses a TV and bike set up to watch track footage and go thru the turns and learn the shift points and race line. This new set up has allowed him to mentally prepare for upcoming races.

Ivey was the big winner as he quickly got up to speed and landed 2 - 3rd place finishes. Ivey said "Homestead is so different than the tracks we are used to running so I had to make a lot of adjustments. This track is very physical and requires you to be in great shape as their are so many hard braking zones that put so much pressure on your upper and lower body. I had to mentally focus for Sunday's races but I am very proud of my finishes."

Team Velocity Racing will be headed back to Jennings GP which is the official testing track of TVR to work out the new tunes and suspension settings in the off-season.


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