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Rough Weekend at Roebling Road Raceway

The FAST Motosports team was super excited to get the R1 out on the track after a very long layoff due to the Covid virus shutdown. Arriving at RRR the team got to work setting up the suspension, changing tires and prepping the bike for a Friday practice day. What started off as a promising day quickly changed as the team realized the suspension settings and gearing were far from accurate for the track conditions. Spending the majority of the day on the phone with Steven Brekenridge from Fluidology the team changed gearing and suspension settings. With all of the changes and missed sessions FAST rider Chris Bettis never really got settled in and comfortable on the bike. Knowing there was work to be done the team retired the bike for the day at about 4pm and made some final adjustments for Saturday's races.

Saturday mornings weather was beautiful and the FAST R1 got off to a good 1st practice with the newly made changes. Still not doing the times that Bettis was capable of the team was still searching for answers. The FAST Motosports crew chief Michael Bettis was in the process of making more adjustments before we got the news that former teammate and good friend Eric Connell had gotten into a bad crash leaving turn 8. As news came in about the severity of the crash the FAST team met and talked about not going out to compete as Chris Bettis's mind was not quite right to do what was needed. After a long back and forth the team settled on going out in Race 1 to just make laps and get a much needed weekend counted towards getting Bettis his Stock 1000 Motoamerica license. Shortly after coming in from the race the team found out that Eric Connell had succumb to his injuries at the hospital. This loss has effected so many people as Eric was loved around the paddock. Eric is survived by his beautiful wife and baby girl. Please pray for his family and friends and keep Eric in your thoughts. Eric we miss you bro! #EC143RideswithMe

FAST Motosports would like to give a special thanks to Stickboy Racing, Dunlop Tires, SBS Brakes, Motovation USA, Arrow USA, GB Racing, Motographix Now, Vortex, Proven Leathers, and Arai.

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