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Unbelievable Indy!

Just the name Indianapolis Motorspeedway strikes up so many feelings and memories for race fans. Traveling to Indy the FAST team did not know what to expect but when they walked into the gates at Indy the entire team could feel that this place was something special.

Getting right to work the team took some time to walk the track and make notes. FAST would only get 1 30 min session to practice and then straight to qualifying. Chris went out and made some laps and realized that this track was unlike any other he has been on. With tons of quick turns and lap apexing corners patience is a virtue at Indy. If you follow the FAST team you would know that Chris has a separated shoulder and has been really having difficulty on the bike with upper body movement. This track made it very tough for Chris to really get up to pace as the track requires a lot of strength and movement on the bike flip it side to side quickly.

FAST ended up qualifying 23rd and was set to race on Saturday. Getting an amazing start Chris shot up to the mid pack and held tight for 2 laps. Unfortunately on the 3rd lap he caught a violent tank slapper that shook the brake pads loose which created air bubbles in the brake lines. Going into the hard braking zone off the back straight Chris was unable to stop the bike and had to run off track. After circling back around to get on the track Chris was able to catch some of the riders and pass them but with limited front brakes it was near impossible to get up full speed. Finishing in 20th spot was the best FAST could manage given the situation. We hope to show up stronger and faster next season. Thank you to all of our sponsors. Without the support of our race partners this would not be possible.

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