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WERA / AMA Grand National Finals & N2 Endurnace

What a weekend for Team Velocity Racing. The 2019 GNF started out with the Chuck Ivey and Chris Bettis joining forces with Jeff Purk from Legacy Dental for the 4 Hour WERA / N2 Endurance Race. Jeff Purk from started out on the bike and quickly had the Legacy Dental Ducati 1199s in 3rd place. After 17 laps Jeff had to come into the pits because the shift lever had worked its way loose and fell off. Mike of KWS Motorsports quickly remedied the situation and installed a new shift lever and got the 1199s back on the track. Dropping back to 12th position after the 2min and 30 sec pit stop Jeff was able to get the bike back in podium position but another error with the gas gauge caused Jeff to prematurely run the bike out of gas. Coasting off the track in a bad spot prevented the crash truck from assisting and the bike spent over 20 mins off-track. Unfortunately the thought of winning was now out of the question but they did not give up. Chris Bettis took over for the 2nd stint and was able to get the bike back into a respectable position after turning some fast and consistent times. Just as Chris was able to work the bike back up the leaderboard an oil line broke causing a fatal blow to the Ducati. After 1 hour and 40 mins the Legacy Dental Ducati 1199s was unable to continue the race.

Friday morning saw the start of bad thunderstorms and heavy showers that caused major issues on and off the track. Although races continued Team Velocity Racing decided to focus their efforts on preparing the bikes for the Sunday races. The entire team competed very well with Eric Connell and Mike Martin securing some top 5 finishes. The big winner this weekend was Chris Bettis who managed to win 3 straight races and secured 2 AMA National Championships in the 1000 Superstock and 1000 Superbike classes. TVR founder Chuck Ivey managed to podium 3 times and was also nominated as the AMA Vet of the Year.

Chuck had this to say:

"In 1997 attended my first motorcycle road racing event. It was the Big Kahuna at Road Atlanta. When I was standing at the fence line Saturday mornings warm up and the bikes came ripping by. The smell of the tires and the fuel, the feel of the air being pushed and the sounds are just amazing. I knew right then that I wanted to be on the other side of the fence , on the motorcycle, racing . That kind of thing might not do it for some people but it did it for me, now all these years later it still gives me the same feeling. The following year I attended a race school and started racing with WERA. After a couple of years I earned my professional AMA Road racing license and competed and various Pro racing events but focused on the WERA national endurance series. Over the last 20 years I’ve earned many Regional and national championships and a few other Awards. Sunday night, after a great day of racing at the 47th annual WERA Grand National Finals I was honored to receive the AMA Road Race grand championship senior road racer of the year award. I am humbled and grateful. Thank you to everyone who may have been involved. This was completely unexpected.

Being a part of the sport for so many years has allowed me to be touched by some great people as well as touch the lives of a few people myself. I’m excited that I’m racing as fast as I have ever raced and I will strive to continue to have a positive impact on the sport and the motorcycle road racing community. This heart pounding sweaty palm excitement has to be shared. Thanks"

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