and Supporting Staff

Chris bettis


2019  2x AMA

National Champion

Bettis was able to capture 2 AMA National Titles on the Yamaha R1 in 2019. Winning in both the 1000cc Superbike and Superstock division earned him the title of Grand Champion. 

Supporting staff

Jessie Gill - Commercial Director

Jessie is an executive level director with experience working with top CEO's in the Atlanta, GA area. Jessie handles the day to day planning and execution of the companies core objectives.

John - Christopher Williams - Marketing & Business Relations


John - Christopher degree in marketing and business relations. JC has a special knack for building brand awareness through social media platforms, networking and marketing campaigns. Working very close with our business partners he helps build positive brand images for potential customers and clients. 

Michael Bettis - Crew Chief & Mechanic

Michael has over 40 years of experience with racing and motorcycles. Growing up building and racing motorcycles Michael knows what it takes to build a winning program. With experience in drag racing as well as road racing Michael's knowledge is critical to the race weekend operations. 

Steven Brekenridge - Suspension Technician

Steven is the owner and operator of Fluidology and he has over 20 years of experience racing, setting up and building winning motorcycles. Steven is the head suspension tech for FAST. His job is to set up each bike and to make adjustments needed at the race track. 

Brian Livengood - Engine Management and Electronics Technician

Brian is 1 of the top race engine builders and tuners in the nation. Brian is responsible for the building, tuning and maintaining of the FAST Motosports engines. In addition to tuning Brian is an expert on managing all changes and modifications relating to the bikes ECU. 

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